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Corporate Membership


  1. Corporate membership entitles your firm to a seat on the APR Board, enabling your firm to help to shape policy and influence the direction of APR

  2. The right to publicise that you are an APR regulated firm

  3. The right to display the corporate APR logo on your website and other literature

  4. Corporate membership allows for employees to become Associate Members whilst building up their Practical Experience Requirement (PER) to obtain full membership. Associate Members can use the post-nominal   letters aAPR

  5. Corporate membership includes 5 individual members free of charge

Corporate Membership Qualifying Criteria

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to a minimum of £1 million

  2. The majority of business is conducted in the United Kingdom

  3. Separate Client Account implemented - named and designated as such

  4. Minimum of 3 full time staff including owners

  5. Have a website 

  6. Have 2 professional references within the industry

  7. Company must have been trading for a minimum of 2 years under own name, or associated with another recognised company who has traded for a minimum of 2 years

  8. Have 2 or more staff (including owners) who have reached the Practical Experience Requirement to become a individual member of APR

Corporate Member Application Letter

Corporate Qualifying Individual Member Application Letter

Individual Membership


  1. Being part of a respected Association

  2. Inclusion on the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) as part of your APR membership fee

  3. The opportunity to apply to the PPR for a Paralegal Practising Certificate, which will enable individual members to be regulated by the PPR

  4. Individual members who meet the PER requirement may use the post-nominal letters mAPR

Individual Membership Qualifying Criteria

  1. Have reached Practical Experience Requirement (PER) of APR, or have a suitable relevant qualification from a recognised body. Alternatively a combination of qualifications and PER is acceptable

  2. Be covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for conducting probate research

  3. Provide 2 professional references

​NB: During the application process we may ask for documentary evidence of the above including your current CV, you may also be asked to attend a formal interview.

Individual Member Application Letter

Professional Paralegal Register

APR is the only membership body for Probate Researchers or Heir Hunters that is recognised by the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR). APR members are eligible to join the PPR and obtain Practising Certificates which provides further regulation through the PPR and allows our members to provide their clients and beneficiaries access to an independent complaints procedure and compensation scheme.

PPR Membership


In addition to an application to the APR, you are invited and recommended to apply to be on the PPR register, the cost of which is included in your APR membership. The below application is required in addition, and you may also be required to provide evidence direct to the PPR membership board.

Click icon to download Word document

PPR Practising Certificate

If you meet the necessary requirements, you are encouraged to apply for a Practising Certificate from the PPR. The below application form is required and is submitted through the APR. 

Click icon to download Word document

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