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Solicitors in Favour of Probate Research Regulation

We carried out a survey in October 2016 of UK private client solicitors and asked them the following questions:

1. Does the probate industry need regulation?

2. Would you feel more comfortable knowing that you are working with a firm which is regulated through the APR?

A whopping 89% of Solicitors agreed that regulation is needed and 92% felt more comfortable working with a regulated firm.

Commenting on the findings, APR Membership Secretary Dunni Lawal said "Having worked in this industry for close to 6 years' now, it is encouraging that our legal clients also recognise the need for regulation when conducting probate research. As they abide by code of conduct to their clients, it is only right that they should expect the same level of professionalism and care when entrusting us with these matters".

We trust that with the progress APR makes and the support of legal clients and beneficiaries alike, regulation is something that will soon be compulsory across the industry.

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