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Treethorpe join APR

Established in 2007, Treethorpe is a genealogy firm operating in both the Financial Services and Public Sector. They specialise in researching and creating family trees with the aim of identifying entitled beneficiaries, and other family members; the objective being to reunite them with assets/estates which have remained unclaimed, forgotten about, or not administered.

With offices in London and Cambridge, Treethorpe has teams of experienced genealogical researchers capable of intensive and exhaustive probate research, as well as providing access to professional legal and accountancy services that enable them to provide an ‘end to end’ service for their clients.

With a client satisfaction rate exceeding 90% since 2011, they are proud of the reputation they have built through application of their company values; Professionalism, Integrity and Client Focus.

Michelle Aldous, Head of Operations & General Manager of Treethorpe commented “The formation of the APR is an incredible step forward for our industry, and one that provides the opportunity for our team here at Treethorpe to demonstrate their capabilities and experience, whilst importantly, provide our current and future clients with both reassurance that they are engaging a reputable firm, and a safeguard should mistakes be made.”

Martin Quinn of APR commented “ We are delighted that Treethorpe have joined APR as one of our founding members. It is great to see that their staff are committed to professional standards and are embracing regulation within Professional Probate Research in the UK”.

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