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  • Dunni Lawal

Anglia Research joins APR

We are delighted to announce that Anglia Research has joined us as the third Corporate Member of the Association of Probate Researchers. Formed in 1979 and with a head office in Ipswich, Anglia Research has established itself as one of the industry’s top firms with more accredited genealogists and legally qualified staff than any other UK probate research company.

The firm’s Managing Director, Peter Turvey, said: “The APR is the first and only body to introduce independent regulation to a previously unregulated industry, and we are pleased to have been pivotal in securing a robust constitution for this new organisation.”

Up until the formation of the APR in June 2016, probate research in the UK was unregulated and had not been subject to the independent scrutiny of a supervisory body which is standard for most professions like medicine, law and accountancy. The APR is the only association to provide consumers access to an independent complaints procedure and compensation through the PPR scheme.

Mr Turvey goes on to say that “At present, operators such as the Heir Hunters Association and the Federation of Probate & Asset Researchers claim to be the independent watchdogs of the probate researcher industry but they are no such thing because any observation or monitoring is not administered by any independent means.”

Membership of the APR, which is a company limited by guarantee, includes the three founding corporate members Fraser & Fraser, Treethorpe and Anglia Research. The APR is the only probate research and heir hunter membership body that is recognised by the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR), to which APR members are eligible to apply for practising certificates.

Neil Fraser, the current chairman of APR, has welcomed Anglia Research on board and hopes that this encourages further reputable probate research providers to join the growing body. “Now that three of the country’s biggest firms have come together to raise standards in the industry, I trust the flood gate for more members to join have been well and truly opened, providing of course that they meet the professional standards set by the APR”.

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