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Association of Probate Researchers

Bringing much needed regulation to safeguard the public

The Association of Probate Researchers (APR) was formed in June 2016 to bring regulation to the professional probate research industry. Those using the services of APR members, whether legal client or beneficiary, are safe in the knowledge that each of our members subscribe to our Professional Standards and Ethics Code and that there is an independent complaints procedure and compensatory scheme provided through our Case Managers' membership of the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR).

The aims of the APR are to:

  1. Protect the consumer (beneficiaries) from unregulated probate research firms or individuals

  2. Ensure that the services provided by its members are delivered in a professional, competent and compliant manner

  3. Promote the advancement of ethical standards within probate research through education



Corporate Members


Individual members

An authority for the Probate Research Industry

Protecting Beneficiaries by Raising Standards
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